Komitee SPUR e.V. was founded in 2015. Its task is to promote and research the art and philosophy of the artist group SPUR, which was founded in Munich in 1957, and their members – notably Lothar Fischer, Heimrad Prem and Helmut Sturm. The committee offers its help in adequately collecting and evaluating the results of this research. Its activities mainly focus on the support of research work and on practical advice on potential exhibition projects. With its expert knowledge the committee also assists in organizing the artistic legacy of former group members. Moreover great emphasis is put on screening and classifying the works of art gradually appearing on the art market as well as on checking them for potential forgeries. We founded Komitee SPUR e.V. to act as a competent expert contact for museums, galleries, auction houses and collectors when dealing with the specific concerns of our artists Lothar Fischer, Heimrad Prem and Helmut Sturm.

All matters concerning the oeuvre of HP Zimmer are the responsibility of the SPUR-Archiv, Berlin.

Executive committee and members Komitee SPUR e.V.:

Selima Niggl (first chairwoman, art historian)
Dr. Pia Dornacher (chairwoman, art historian, catalogues raisonés Lothar Fischer, Heimrad Prem)
Katharina Sturm (chairwoman, Helmut Sturm legacy)

Christel Fischer (Lothar Fischer legacy)
Veronika Jacquet-Sturm (Helmut Sturm legacy)
Monika Prem (Heimrad Prem legacy)
Susanne Herbst (restoration)
Heiko Herrmann (artist)
Dr. Bärbel Kleindorfer-Marx (Museum SPUR, Cham)
Marie-José van de Loo (Van de Loo Collection)
Dr. Ulrich Luhmann (legal advice)
Johanna Stegmüller (restoration)